Here are a few of the most common questions our masqueraders ask us !! If there’s  a question you need answered but you do not see it listed, no worries, send us an email and we will try our best to answer you as soon as possible.

Q: What does the price of my Tshirt/costume include?

A:  Madd Colors Carnival Inc. is the most unique Mas Band of all. You get the following

  1. Costume or t shirt
  2. Light breakfast
  3. Lunch
  4. Drinks throughout parade and with your food
  5. Free entry into the soca concert at the end of the parade
  6. Madd Colors souvenir  Cup and Bag
  7. Optional paint for the paint Tshirt section
  8. Video and photo coverage for the entire parade route
  9. Maximum fun on the road
  10. Last but not least you get to use your costume with us again. Besides Atlanta Carnival, Madd Colors also participates in Raleigh NC Carnival and Houston Carnival. You will only have to pay a band fee to cover the cost of your food, drinks etc.

Q: When do I collect my costume or Tshirt?

A: Costumes and tshirts will be ready for pick up  the week of carnival, exact dates and times will be communicated via email, social media, and our website. All costumes and T shirts must be picked up in person. We will not be holding tshirts and costumes on the road for anyone at all whatsoever,  so please make arrangements to collect your tshirt or costume before then.

Please note that Madd Colors  do NOT ship costumes or tshirts. All items need to be picked up in person at the Mas Camp.  

Q: When do I need to pay for my costume?

A: You can make a deposit towards your costume  at anytime. Please note that your costume must be paid for in full no later than the week before carnival. IF we do not receive your full payment your order will be cancelled and your deposit will be forfeited.

Q: Can I get a refund if I am unable to collect my costume or Tshirt?

A: We do not provide refunds. We will allow costume and Tshirt transfers and you are responsible to find the person that is willing  to accept your transfer.

Q: I’m unable to collect my costume or Tshirt… Can another person collect on my behalf?

A: Absolutely, we understand that many of our masqueraders are from out of town therefore all you need to do is send us an email or call us with the name and phone number of the person that you give permission to collect your costume and or Tshirt.

Q: What shoes do I need to wear?

We ask that your shoes match your section base color (gold or silver) if you are in a costume. You can spray your shoes silver or gold or a Madd Colors associate  can assist you with them. Bring them to the Mas Camp with your name written in the shoe or on the sole of the shoe. We recommend that for gold sections you get light brown or beige shoes and for silver you get white shoes. In both cases the lighter the color the better. Darker colors are harder to spray. The paint sticks best to shoes that have a smooth leather / pleather / vinyl surface. It doesn’t look as well on fabric shoes.

Q: Can my husband/wife/friend/relative jump in the band if they are not a masquerader?

A.: Unfortunately Madd Colors only allows paying masqueraders with an official Madd Colors wristband to jump in the band. Non-masqueraders and those who are not wearing an official Madd Colors  costume or Tshirt may observe from the sidelines outside the band, however they will not be allowed to join the band . They will be asked BY SECURITY to leave the band and follow along on the sidewalk. Please encourage friends and family to co-operate. In addition, the wristband identifies you as a “Madd Colors Member”  giving drinks to non-masqueraders constitutes improper use of your wristband and you may be asked to leave the band.

Q: What is my section order in the band?

A: The section order will be provided when you pick up your costume or Tshirt. We will also have Band Marshalls who will direct you into your sections on the day of the parade. Please give them your cooperation.

Q: When and where does the band meet?

A: On Carnival day Madd Colors  meets at 10 a.m. SHARP at 3952 COVINGTON HIGHWAY, DECATUR, GA 30032

Q: Should I eat before the parade?

A: We strongly recommend that you eat a hearty breakfast before you arrive at the starting point, however as part of your all inclusive package, we do also serve a light breakfast.

Q: Where should I park my car?

A: Try to park at the end of parade and make your way to the start – best way is to get a friend to give you a ride to the start so you both have access to a vehicle at the start and the finish

Q: Should I get made up before the parade?

A: Getting made up is not mandatory but it add a nice touch to your costume. IF you choose to get made up you should do your make-up and body art before you arrive.

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